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By way of example, all photos on this page are of the Cat Lane / Rose Cottage Gate.
Lock It or, Lose It!

Whether or not you are a plot holder, it is the responsibility of everyone who uses the site to be conscious of security. Please, lock the gates when entering or leaving the site.

If when you arrive, or are leaving you find it unlocked or open: Do not leave it, please lock it.

We know it is an inconvenience if you have transport to have to get out twice, but when you signed up for an allotment you agreed to follow the rules laid down by the allotment office.

If you are found by the allotment office to be in violation of the rules, you can be asked to give up your plot.
Examples (Cat Lane/Rose Cottage Gate)

Shown at right is the correct way to lock this gate, with the lock in the centre hole and within the confines of the slider support frames.